Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Collusion? The end of the Left's dream.

The Mueller investigation is a bust.

The Media and the Democrats (excuse the redundancy) told us every day that it was just a matter of time when evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians would be found. To be sure there is no statue that prohibits such, but they had hopes.

Thus it came as a shock when Rosenstein announced that no American committed any crime in connection with the hacking and no votes were changed  as a result of the hacking activity.So, while the hacking was illegal, it had no effect on the outcome of the election.

What now?

The results of the investigation and the indictment of the Russian GRU officials have been referred to the Counterintelligence Division of the DOJ where it will be archived. There will be no trial of the Russians, because the hacking will be treated as counter intelligence rather than a crime.

The Left erupted after the Trump/Putin press conference.

Hysterical, totally over the top charges from the Left swept the TV newscasts. Trump was called a Traitor and was depicted as a male lover of Putin. One demented Leftist called the news conference a krystal nacht.

Here is how Rush nukes the over the top eruptions of the Left

RUSH: And then Trump had the audacity at that press conference yesterday to ask everybody about the Democrat server? That’s where the hacking took place, and that’s where the collusion took place. It’s all on the Democrat side. All of this is falling apart, and the chances that all these people are gonna be exposed is causing them to panic. I have very little doubt about that. In terms of everybody being so upset that Donald Trump didn’t speak down to a Russian…?
Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Party in this country used to sleep overnight with Soviets and Russians. They used to be in bed with each other against Ronald Reagan. The idea that the Democrats are outraged that somebody would not treat Vladimir Putin as an enemy of America is just simply silly! It wasn’t that long ago where the Democrat Party hated the CIA, hated the intelligence community, and loved Soviet, and Cuban, and Chinese communists!
Now all of a sudden, the Democrat Party loves the intelligence community and hates the Russians? Come on, folks. It’s all made up! That’s why it’s unrealistic. They’re exaggerating it. None of this is real. There isn’t any real outrage. It’s all faux and manufactured, and that’s why they’re taking it over the top. That’s why it appears unhinged and hysterical, because it is! It’s a bunch of untrained actors trying to act the part, and they’re goin’ way overboard.

The hysterical reaction of the Left to the Summit.

Roger Kimball writes in American Greatness:

"Donald Trump is moving to dismantle the administrative state and restore international order with a boldness and efficacy not seen since Ronald Reagan, if then. With every passing day, what he calls the “witch hunt” being conducted against him by panicked bureaucrats like John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, and Peter Strzok looks more and more preposterous. It is, as President Trump said in Helsinki, a “disgrace to the FBI, a disgrace to the county.”

We have seen what the Deep State, the Media and the Democrat Party have in common: they hate Donald Trump. They are willing and eager to restart the Cold War as an excuse to savage Donald Trump when the Donald opts to try normalizing relations with Russia.

The issuing of the indictment right before the Putin-Trump Summit was meant to scuttle the Summit. Some lame-brain Democrats even demanded that Trump cancel the Summit. When Trump went anyway and refused in public to condemn Russia, the American and European Left erupted in a disgusting rhetoric of calling Trump a traitor and a poodle of Putin.

Let's remember that the Deep State has the ability to make it look like a computer attack comes from any place they choose. So, who hacked the Hillary campaign and the DNC? The fact is we do not know for sure. The indictment against the GRU is a fabrication as I stated in a previous post.

It is becoming clear that the American Left hates not only Donald Trump, but Russia, Hungary, Poland and anyone else who refuses the globalist dream of destroying national sovereignty, Christianity and Western culture. These Leftists reserve their deepest hate for Donald Trump and Russia. The Donald they hate for the obvious reason. But we need to remember what Russia did to draw their hatred. 

Liberals were fine with Russia, when it was run by the Communists.. Pres Putin had two choices for reconstituting Russia after 70 years of barbarism imposed by the Communist Party: base the reconstitution on socialist dogma or base it on the message of the cross as taught by the Russian Orthodox church. Putin chose the way of the cross. That alone earned him the hatred of the Left. But, Putin set his nation on a pro-family path in order to stop the drop in the Russian population. This required the stoppage of the homosexual culture embraced by the Left. In the process Mr Putin became a believer himself. Slava Bogu (Glory to God). That is why the Deep State, the Media and all the spawn of Satan hate Russia and Mr Putin personally.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Agent Strzok and bias.

Gowdy: Agent Strzok can not see or understand his own bias
by Tim Harris
July 12, 2018
Trey Gowdy – In our Justice system, we give law enforcement officers incredible powers; the power to investigate, to search, to seize, to stop, the power to allege, and accuse, the power to eavesdrop and intercept private communications, the power to look through bank records, the power to look through phone records, the power to even check what books you checked out of the library.
These are awesome powers that must be used responsibly because these powers are given correspondingly high expectation that these powers will be used fairly, lawfully, professionally, and a manner worthy of our respect.
About two weeks ago FBI Agent Peter Strzok was interviewed for more than ten hours.  We learned that agent Strzok has a most unusual and largely self-serving definition of bias.  Agent Strzok, despite the plain language of his text and e-mails, despite the Inspector General’s report and despite common-sense, doesn’t think he was biased.
He thinks calling someone destabilizing for the country isn’t bias.  He thinks promising to protect the country from someone he hasn’t even begun to investigate isn’t bias.  He thinks promising to stop someone he is supposed to be, fairly, investigating from ever becoming president is bias.
He thinks talking about an insurance policy to keep someone from becoming president isn’t bias.  But that’s for one of the of the folks he was investigation.  He has a different set of rules for others that he’s investigating.
Agent Strzok thinks day someone he is, allegedly investigating should be elected president 100 million to zero before he interviews her.  He doesn’t think that’s bias. Agent Strzok thinks pronouncing someone innocent before bothering to interview more than 30 different witnesses isn’t bias.
He thinks claiming you can smell Trump supporters isn’t bias, but he doesn’t say a single solitary word about being able t smell the support of any other candidate.  To him that isn’t bias.
The moment Special Counsel Bob Mueller found out about Peter Stryzok’s text and e-mails, he kicked him off the investigation.  But that was a year and half too late.  The text and e-mails may have been discovered in May of 2017, but the bias existed all the way back to late 2015 and early 2016.
So, it wasn’t the discovery of text that got him fired.  It was the bias manifest in those texts that made him unfit to objectively and dispassionately investigate.  So, if the bias existed in late 2015 and early 2016, and it did, his own fitness to investigate existed then, as well.
Agent Strzok struggled to define bias for the better part of 10 hours.  For the rest of us, bias is the perjuring of a person, a group, or a thing.  It usually has negative connotation, but it is a preconceived position or a prejudgment.  It is making up your mind ahead of time based on anything other than the facts, and that is exactly what he did.  Bias is saying Hillary Clinton should win the presidency 1100 million to zero. Where she was still under investigation, wasn’t even the nominee, hadn’t been interviewed and 30 others witnesses had also not been interviewed.
In March of 2016, Agent Strzok had Clinton 100 million to zero, even though the investigation was far from being over.  That is prejudging of someone’s innocence before all the evidence is on.
ON the other hand,. He said, Trump would be destabilizing, called him an idiot. Abysmal, bigoted nonsense (ph), called him a disaster.  He said he should F himself.
Strzok promised to stop Trump from becoming president before the investigation even began.  He talked longingly, of Trump resigning two months after he was inaugurated and well before the special counsel investigation even began.
Strzok even talked about impeachment the day the special counsel was appointed.  That is prejudging punishment, and it is textbook bias.  We live in a 50/50 country and we accept that.  But we’re a 100 percent country when it comes to law enforcement that doesn’t prejudge innocence before investigations are over and doesn’t prejudge guilt before an investigation even begins.
Agent Strzok had Hillary Clinton winning the White House before he finished investigating her.  Agent Strzok had Donald Trump impeached before he even started investigating him.  That is bias.
Agent Strzok may not see it, but the rest of the country does.  And it’s not what we want, expect, or deserve from any law enforcement officer, much less the FBI.  A fair, bias-free investigation is not a Republican or democrat issue, it’s an America issue.  Or at least it used to be.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Trump voices the reason of people.

Very interesting analysis.

Brexit: the intentional mess.

The people of the UK voted to leave the EU. That's when the Establishment started a war of sabotage. The sabotage is aimed at making Brexit impossible, costly and unpleasant so it loses its support. The stayers want a new vote when they feel Brexit lost the support of the majority.
One way of doing this is the "rigemarole"invented by the English,.
King Edward the third had conquered Scotland and made the Chiefteins of the Scottish clans  sign a document called the 'Ragman Roll' that in fact ceded Scotland to the British crown. As an insurance, he took to England the coronation stone of Scotland, the Stone of Scone.
Fast forward to Edward's rather sissy son whose army the Scots beat at decisively. The English sued for peace. Fine, said the Scots, here is what we want. 4000 pounds of silver, the Stone of Scone and the Ragman Rolls. The English forked over the money and then they started negotiating. Who should negotiate? Where? What should be the shape of the table? Who should provide food? Who should pay for it?
The Scots never got back the Stone or the Ragman Rolls. The letter was abbreviated to ragama role and entered the English dictionary as "rigemarole".

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Nationalist European countries are reversing population decline.

There are interesting trends in E Europe. The more Conservative is a family, the more likely to have children and the more likely that the children remain Conservative and patriotic. This is the hope of Europe:


The indictment: a Russian spy drama.

There is a genre of Russian spy drama and it goes like this: 1. a conspiracy by Western organizations is established to spy on the glorious Soviet Union; 2. the Conspirators every move is carefully shown in the movie; 3. In the end the clever agents of counter espionage arrest the perpetrators and thwart their efforts.
That is the format adopted by Mueller's indictment of several officers of the Russian GRU.
We are to believe that:
1. Our guys know how the Russians hacked the Hillary campaign and the DNC, including dates, methods, programs used, the name and rank of the officers, the whole nine yards.
2. The Trump campaign was the beneficiary of these activities.
Mr Rosenstein of the DOJ stated that no American committed any crime according to this indictment. However, the indictment suggests that some Americans were cooperating with the Russians, albeit unknowingly. Thus, the indictment is a device concocted to show that Mr Trump's election was engineered by the Russians. That is the fantasy pushed by the American Left.
Two more lessons from this Russian  spy drama called an indictment. 1. The DNC and the Hillary campaign were shown to  be so incompetent that they were led by the nose by a few, clever Russian GRU officers. Good thing they were not elected. 2. If all these "facts" are so easily knowable, why did not Obama's minions did something to stop it?

Are the Russians hostile to us, trying to sow discord, sabotage our economy? Why bother? They could have just let Hillary win to really screw things up. Besides, the Russians got 20% of US uranium mining for a paltry $100M bribe to the Clinton Foundation. Trump can not be bought.

You can enjoy the spy drama here: