Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Humoring the English.

A young Arab boy asks his father, “What is that strange hat you are

The father said, "Why, my son, it is a 'chechia.' In the desert it
protects our heads from the intense heat of the sun."

"And what is this clothing you are wearing?” asked the boy. “This long
flowing robe seems so…”

“Oh, my son!” exclaimed the father. “It is very simple. This is a
'djbellah.' As I have told you, in the desert it is not only very hot,
but the sand is always blowing. My djbellah protects the entire body,”

The son then asked, "But Father, what about those ugly shoes you have on
your feet?"

"These are 'babouches' my son,” the father replied "You must understand
that although the desert sands are very beautiful, they are also
extremely hot. These 'babouches' keep us from burning our feet."

"So tell me then," added the boy...

"Yes, my son…"

"Why are you living in London and still wearing all this shit?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

So, why do the Dems want people from sh--hole countries?

There are two reasons; one obvious, the other is not.

Jennifer Palmiery of The Center for American Progress had given away the secret: the Dems want these people as new voters for the Democrat Party. That is how they conquered California.

1. The first reason the Dems want these people is that they are (and will be) dependents of the State and thus will be beholden to the Democrat Party (their benefactor). They do not care if the Dems sell us out to the Muslims, take away our freedoms or ruin our economy with Socialist schemes as long as they are given their benefits. Since they can not speak English (nor are they encouraged to learn),  it is assured that they will remain outside the normal economy.

2. The second reason why the Dems want uneducated people in the country is to reduce the earning potential of low trained blacks. That way the Dems can continue to rail about racism being the cause of income disparity.

Gold and the Trump kerfuffle.

Experts on KWN and elsewhere have forecast a huge rally this year. So did the Edelson Institute. You can see their forecast in a September post last year. Again, it is time to look at events on how the PM prices behaved in December and January.
Here is the up to date graph of gold:
We see that gold has begun its ascent in December (as the Edelson forecast predicted), took a short breather in January and resumed its climb last week.
Silver has also broken out though the first phase of a silver rally is less than the gold rally. Big money pours into gold and the smaller money then goes into silver. Here is the corresponding graph for silver:
The silver patter is like gold's but a bit smaller.
Here are a couple of miners:
and a second one:
The pattern is similar: a breakout in December followed by a breather at year end then a resumption of the rally last week.
The forecast for 2018 is as follows: gold to top 3,651 dollars an ounce.Silver may hit any time between 66 and 100 dollars an ounce.
You can see the rally forecasted by the increased volume in gold sales:
That's what the forecast is.
Now to the Trump kerfuffle.
The Drive-by-Media has magnified the importance of the Wolff book and various Leftists demanded that Trump be examined by psychiatrists or removed under the 25th Amendment. So, what does Trump do? He calls a conference at the White House, using the bait of caving in on DACA. The Dems jump at the bait thinking that Trump is ready to cave  and legalize near a million Democrat votes. Trump shines at the meeting. Even CNN praises him. The invasion of the Country by illegals intensifies and some people get dejected that Trump is ready to throw away the future of the Country.
That's when Trump torpedoes the DACA cave in by asking the question: why do you Democrats want to bring in people from countries that are Terrible places. Senator Durbin said Trump referred to those countries as "sh-- holes. Republican Senators present did not hear the sh word. Regardless, Trump showed how well he can function, the Wolff book is off the discussion and the Media is wallowing in phony outrage. They had been outwitted again. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The end of cryptocurrencies - handwiting on the wall.

Money and Markets

After hitting $20,000 in mid-December, bitcoin prices keep drifting lower.

Looking at the news, it’s clear to me why this is happening.

On Monday, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the organization that regulates brokers, advisers and financial institutions in the United States, announced that it was going to focus on cryptocurrencies.

FINRA is a big deal if you manage money or if you are a financial adviser … you have to follow its rules and subject yourself to its examinations.

Merrill Lynch, one of the biggest financial broker and advisory companies in the U.S., banned any cryptocurrency investments in its accounts.

The Chinese government this week announced a plan for an orderly end to bitcoin mining.

That’s right after Visa Europe canceled cards that allowed users to access bitcoin.

This comes right after the South Korean government started requiring real names for all cryptocurrency transactions. The government also banned banks from opening accounts for virtual currencies.

The Indian government is waging war on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by choking the flow of cash to anyone who’s trading these assets.

If you’ve been in markets long enough, you can see a familiar pattern here…


Sunday, January 7, 2018

technological developments.

Biological Sciences.
a) DNA vaccines. Circular DNA that contains sequence for antigens. More than one of these can be contained on one circle. The circle is electroporated into the cells which use their protein synthesis machinery to make the antigens.
b) DNA circles that contain code for factors to increase immune response and/or neutralize the camouflaging factors of cancer cells.
c) dMABs (DNA circles containing the sequence for monoclonal antibodies). These can be introduced into the cells and start producing antibodies almost instantly. With some disease such as Ebola, there is little time left for cure once diagnosis is positive.
d) A device to force DNA through the skin via pressure and supply a pulse of electricity for electroporation.
e) Extension of life span. The work on this centers on telomere extension. Also cosmetics. More on this in future reports.
f). Changing of the genetic makeup of humans and animals. Super dogs and horses are already being produced. Using the CRISPER system, genes can be replaced. We can be sure that the Chinese will produce super soldiers and that the Russians will produce super athletes.
Space travel.
Artificial gravity and FTL (faster than light) propulsion is needed to bring this about. There are rumors that these already exist, but there is no reliable confirmation.
Energy generation and storage.
a) The ultimate solution to energy generation is to use thorium power plants. These plants would use Thorium as the fissioning material and the fissioning would be started by uranium or any other fast decaying radio isotope. Such plants would be so safe that they would not need concrete containment. Why not, you might ask? Because if the process stops for ANY reason, no further heat is generated, since the thorium does not fission by itself. The process would use fissionable garbage (the byproducts of current atomic plants) and enriched Uranium.
b) Solar and wind energy. These have become cheaper to compete with coal and natural gas, partly because they are government subsidized. There are several problems with these methods: noise, cost and killing of birds. The biggest problem is the storage of energy during peak generation hours and release of energy during non-generating hours.
c) The invention of new battery types will solve this problem.
No, not the lithium batteries. The vanadium flow through battery.
 Here is the picture of an actual operational battery in Washington, AC (State).
  The basic concept of the vanadium flow through battery is shown below:
 And some more detail
 There is a hybrid type battery where the catholyte tank contains a Lithium compaound in solution  and the anolyte side contains a vanadium solution. This battery can store 10X as much electricity as the Vanadium flow through, but is 10,000x slower to discharge.

The Vanadium flow through battery can store as much electricity as th size of the liquid containers permits. The battery will keep the charge practically indefinitely and can be completely discharged without harming it. The life span is estimated as 20 years. This type of battery is being tested in Washington AC, California, Massachusetts and China.

IMO, Thorium plants would produce electricity cheaper and without the need for costly batteries. They would not produce carbon dioxide  and would not kill birds.

Idiot of the week. Sheila Jackson Lee.

The citation is given for her comment: "Homicide is the leading cause of murder."

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Political humor in cartoons.