Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The biggest danger Republicans face.

I am sure you have seen the trick: Lucy telling Linus that this time she will hold the ball so Linus can kick it - only she pulls the ball away and Linus falls on his keister. Well, the Democrats have their own version of this trick.

This is how the trick is worked. The Dems suggest that the they and the Republicans pass bills that they all agree upon. They push the Republicans as mush as they can and they (the Republicans) think they can get the media on their side if they "compromise." Pretty soon, the Republicans pass the Democrats agenda. Then cooperation stops and the Republican priorities never get done.

Let's reverse the process. Let's pass Republican priorities first.

For Algore

Winter Storm Algore.


You have heard the story, Friend, so let me tell you more

Of rampaging global warmth and a Winter Storm Algore.

You see the way it’s working out, heat makes all the snow

And the more the planet’s heating up, the lower the temp will go.


Two weeks before the Winter’s here the Midwest bears the brunt

Of a horrific winter storm, a monumental dump

Of snow and ice across the plains as rampaging Algore

Is blowing fifty mile gusts and closing all the roads.


Even in Wisconsin, where they invented such things

The snow plows went idle in the fifty mile winds.

Some places in the Middle West the drifts are fifteen feet

As Winter Storm Algore heads East to repeat this here feat.


I am hoping the trees survive the onslaught of the ice

To thrive next year when people deal the climate frauds their prize.

The trees need  grow a sturdy branch to bear the weight and more

As the Greenies are strung up with climate fraud Algore.



Dec 10, 2009. Mount Vernon, Texas.

News that's fake.

BHO in Tampa: “We should take great pride in the progress we’ve made over the last eight years. No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.”

This is for collectots.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Politico's anti-Trump crusade.

Politico continues the anti-Trump offensive as if the election did not take place:
The allegations that Trump is unstable, ignorant, belligerent etc is old hat that Politico continues to wave as if it had any validity. To be sure, we had seen the Democrats run around that the sky is falling when Reagan became President. Reagan had proven that the strategy of peace through strength was the right one. In fact, it is the Democrats led by Barak Hussein and Hillary who have undermined the peace.
First, Obama and Hillary had weakened our military. Second, these Leftist Democrat  leaders have set the Middle East on fire. There would be no Russian planes bombing Aleppo and no Iranian troops in Syria if it was not for the ineffectual meddling of Obama and his people. There would be no ISIS if Obama did not follow a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq and decided to arm the  Syrian opposition (the nucleus of ISIS). Fourth, after promising the Soviet Union that the West would not extend NATO toward the East, NATO had expended all the way to the Russian border. Is it a wonder that the Russians are belligerent? And fifth, the US allowed the arch Provocateur George Soros to organize the overthrow of the Ukrainian govt then stood idly by as Ukraine decided to evict Russia from their rented base at Sevastopol. It took people willfully ignorant who believed that Russia would give up its warm water port in the Crimea without a fight.
After the Democrats set the Middle East on fire, they countenanced the invasion of Europe by Muslims who do not believe in becoming part of Europe (or the US for that matter), but want to impose Sharia law on their hosts. Did I mention that a Leftist Democrat (Hillary) was not even competent to defend the American consulate in Benghazi?
It will take someone with skills at making deals to defuse the situation in Europe. And it will take someone with a backbone to force China to deal with N Korea. And it will take some hard work to undo the harm Obama has done in granting Iran a path to nuclear weapons.
Is Donald Trump the man to do this job? I certainly hope so.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Answering Sarah Palin on her claim of "crony capitalism" re Carrier.

Sarah Palin is one of my favorite Republicans. She will remain so as a way of honoring her for all the arrows she took from the enemy in the fight to defeat the enemy. But, she is wrong on this one.

Crony Capitalism is a practice to favor friends and political allies in making economic decisions. An example of this was Obama promoting the now defunct Solindra to make solar energy products. That was Obama picking winners by steering Federal money to Solindra as investment capital. Trump is not picking winners, he is acting to prevent American workers from becoming losers.

This is a vital distinction both economically and politically. It is regrettable that Sarah Palin made this statement as it undermines her would-be boss, should she have been offered the job in the Administration.

Anti cancer drug ECB-46.

If you Google this compound, you find a number of articles dealing with it such as this one:

When injected into a tumor, ECB-46 causes the blood vessels of the tumor to self destruct, killing the tumor. Do you spot the problem? You have to find the tumor to inject it and when there are several tumors the task is very difficult.

What is more objectionable is the writer of the article claiming that evolution has caused plants to develop compounds that regulate the interaction of plants and animals.

That is of course nonsense.