Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Trump's voters and race.

Do I mean to say that Trump's voters are racists? NO! NOT AT ALL! The Dems are.

Stay with this while I marshal the facts.

The Dems have decided to write off the white working class. Their intellectuals even wrote about it and the Dems were enthusing about how the white population was getting smaller and smaller. They shipped off the jobs to Asia and Mexico, reduced the number of white males in college (65% of the graduates are female) and tried to brainwash white kids that they need to feel ashamed because of "white privilege." White people took note of the racism directed at them.

We were fortunate that Donald Trump was given to us. He promised to put an end to shipping jobs overseas and an end to the racism of the Democrats. The Dems tried to respond by appealing to the man hating feminists, but white men have daughters, wives and sisters who have come to realize that the anti white men policies of the Dems are aimed at their brothers and husbands and friends.

So, the wicked Witch (Hillary) had lost and the Dems had lost five by elections in the row and they are panicked. That is why they emote how Trump's tweeting hurts him (as if they want to help him). They long for the days of Nixon when they isolated Nixon from his voters.

Folks. Blacks and Hispanics are not helped by listening to the anti-white rhetoric of the Media and the Dems and the day is coming when blacks and Hispanics will come to realize this in large numbers. That will be the time the Democrat Party will cease to exist. Good riddance.

Friday, June 23, 2017

How the Deep State is covering up for the Dems.

Some people feel that the best defense is a good offense. So, if you want to cover up your own sins (especially if those sins rise to the level of crimes) the best way to protect yourselves is to make a big noise about the other guy's sins. And if he does not have them, then you make up stories. If you are a Democrat this is doable, because the Media is your friend. And the Media will not do any honest investigation and help you cover up your misdeeds.

That is the framework in which to view what has happened and is still happening in Washington DC.

This is the background: The Clintons set up a criminal enterprise that collected about 300 million dollars of bribe money for future presidential action by Hillary. Some of these were quite problematic: namely the conveying of a uranium-producing facility to Russia (and receiving a $100M donation for the Clinton slush fund disguised as a Foundation) and the transmitting of classified information over an unsecured private server (the purpose of which was to hide the Clinton shake downs of foreign 'donors'). The Dems believed that Hillary would win in a landslide and that covering up her crimes would be easy. The methods for this are well known: 1. first the Media ignores it and 2. if a story gets out, it is "investigated" and can not be talked about. The Republicans are easy to manipulate into keeping quiet.

But, the unexpected happened. Hillary lost. Not only that but Trump's supporters were quite noisy about draining the swamp and locking up Hillary. Just as dangerous for the Democrats was the possibility that Trump would open an investigation into the eligibility of Barak Hussein Obama to be President. I don't know if Bark Hussein was born in Kenya (the evidence for that is the claim by Kenyans, which could be false), but Obama was enrolled in a school in Indonesia reserved for Indonesian citizens. If Obama was not eligible to be President than his Supreme Court appointments would be null and void. That put the fear of Baelzebub into the Democrats. So, the plan was hatched to get rid of Trump, or at least put him on the defensive until the Dems could retake either Houses of Congress.

The implementation of the plan began by leaks from the Deep State. The Trump campaign was surveilled during the campaign and Gen Flynn's discussions with the Russian Ambassador were leaked to the Media. Hillary was happy to oblige by claiming that she was beaten by the Russians. She did not explain why the Russians would abandon her after she obliged them by turning over the uranium mines to the Russians (this act required her concurrence as Sec of State and for which she was paid $100M through the Clinton Foundation). There wasn't much there, so the Deep State concocted a dossier about Trump hiring prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on the bed the Obamas slept in. The Press ate up the story, but again, there wasn't any crime for which Trump could be impeached. Then came the Comey memos. Comey had written memos as to how Trump told him that he (Trump) hoped that Comey could clear Gen Flynn who was a good man. Comey then leaked his memos to the NY Times though an intermediary and the Democrats intensified their clamoring for a Special Counsel. This was indeed accomplished when Mr Rosenstein appointed a Special Counsel, Mr Mueller, former FBI Director.

Mr Mueller has an unlimited budget and can and has hired a small army of Leftist lawyers to pursue whatever he wants. The Dems are overjoyed. At the very least, Hillary's crimes are buried, everybody has lost interest why Barack Hussein Obama has a forged birth certificate and a phony Social Security number and maybe Mueller can manufacture some 'process crimes' to indict some Republicans. The path is open to protect Hillary and Obama untill the 2018 elections.

Meanwhile, the Dems have three serious problems: 1. there is no specific statute that has been violated by either Trump or his associates; 2. the Dems are not doing so well in winning elections (which might give some courage to the Republicans) and 3. Trump is methodically dismantling the Obama legacy. The Media is losing its credibility and McCain (the Dunce) and Pelosi are showing signs of mental deterioration. That leaves the Dems with one hope: an economic disaster in the brewing.

What will Mueller do? Rush told us of four theories people have:
1. Mueller' job is to get rid of Trump;
2. He is going to exonerate Trump and needs Leftists on the team to make it credible;
3. His job to protect Obama and Hillary by locking up the evidence;
4. He is there to do an honest investigation. Nobody believes that.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dems shut out in special elections.

The Media taped this out as a protest against Trump. When the votes were in, it was another story.
At one time CNN had Ossoff lead by 7%. Here is a picture of the losers.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ten Years of Clydesdales.

How Comey had become FBI Director.

While many are asking questions about why James Comey was fired as FBI director, a much better question is, “How on earth did he ever get the job in the first place?”
Once one figures out the answer to that question, it’s easy to understand why he was fired and the kind of cushy, highly compensated position he will almost surely secure in the not-too-distant future.
How many Americans understand what James Comey was doing before he got appointed FBI director by President Obama?
I don't think one in 10,000 know.
So, let’s start there.
James Comey was a politically connected lawyer.     The closest experiences he had to actual law enforcement were very short stints as a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he served as a colleague to future Attorney General Loretta Lynch, lasting less than a year.     He served as a U.S. deputy attorney general for less than two years.      But, he was in that position long enough to ensure Clinton adviser Sandy Berger would get off the hook for stealing and destroying classified records from the National Archives.      The documents were relevant to accusations th e Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.
After that, James Comey got a job as general counsel and senior vice president of Lockheed Martin at a salary of $6 million a year!      That same year, the defense contractor became a major Clinton Foundation donor.     Coincidence?      Maybe.     But Comey’s brother, Peter Comey, worked for DLA Piper, an accounting firm that performed the “independent audit” of the Clinton Foundation in 2015.      DLA Piper firm also is No. 5 on the top contributors list of the Clinton Foundation, just ahead of No. 4, Goldman Sachs.
How close are the brothers?      In 2011, James Comey granted brother Peter Comey a $712,500 mortgage loan on his house.
From Lockheed Martin, James Comey next  became general counsel for Bridgewater Associates and later a senior research scholar at Columbia Law School and, most importantly, was appointed in 2013 to the board of directors of one of the largest and most corrupt banks in the world – HSBC.      It should be noted that a year before James Comey accepted the position, there were documented accusations by an HSBC whistleblower that the bank was involved in massive money-laundering schemes for terrorists and drug cartels.      The accusations led to a Justice Department investigation headed by Loretta Lynch that resulted in a $1.2 billion fine – a prosecution widely criticized for being "too soft" on the bank.      No one was fired.      No one went to jail.      Amazing, a $1.2 billion fine of HSBC for drug cartel money-laundering, yet no one at the bank was responsible for . . . truly amazing . . .    
Lynch’s subsequent nomination by Barack Obama to be Attorney General would thereafter be held for several months by the U.S. Senate which delayed her confirmation as she was questioned on her role in the HSBC case.
Parenthetically, it’s worth ment ioning that the news media's series of exposes on HSBC resulted in retribution by the bank.      Access to some of the stories were temporarily and illegally blocked for a period of hours at the demand of the powerful bank.
This was the financial institution to which James Comey would serve as a director less than a year later.      A few months after that, he was appointed FBI director by Barack Obama.
Those were his credentials.      That was his resume.      Those were his qualifications.
He was never a cop.
He was never a detective. < /o>
He was never an investigator.
But he was clearly an Obama guy – and quite likely recommended for the job by his old colleague Loretta Lynch.
The rest is history, as they say.
So, what is my prediction for his soft landing after getting the boot as FBI director?
He will find himself in a very lucrative position – maybe even back at HSBC – where he can lend his impeccable establishment credentials to the cover-up of crime, co rruption and crookedness.

Gold; Report from Larry's successor.

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