Sunday, June 18, 2017

Press Conference in DC (a poem).

Press Conference in DC.


Slavering jackels sit on their chairs

Smirking with undisguised hate,

It’s billed as ord’nary questioning

But it’s more like an open debate.


They pepper the man with their questioning,

They throw in their often fake news,

They repeat questions he answered,

Till time ends their growing abuse.


It’s a news conference in our Capitol,

A center of festering swamp,

It’s designed to confuse and denigrate

And some day to get rid of Trump.


Shots ring out across the field,

Another Democrat blows.

It’s not guns that need registering,

But Liberals who lost the vote.


Geezer Bela in Exile

6,18,2017 Mt Vernon, TX 75457

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