Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Trump rebuke that wasn't.

Having failed to win the Kansas special election. Dems put their hopes in a special election in Georgia. The Media did its usual and the main Dem candidate raised over $10M from all over the Country. The leading Republican candidate spent about $50,000. Even more revealing is the final vote tally. Liberal papers breathlessly reported that the main Dem candidate might get the 50%+ and avoid the runoff.

Now they report that Jon Ossoff did not get the 50%+ and that there will be a June runoff.

But, the Media is reporting percentages rather than actual votes so Yours truly had added up the actual numbers.

Candidates that were identified as Dems received a total of 93,381 votes and candidates identified as Rep received a total of 93,873 votes.  That is hardly a repudiation.

Now the campaign will start in earnest between Karen Handel the Republican and Jon Ossoff the Democrat. Mr Ossoff does not reside in the District, but I suppose that does not matter.

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